Friday, June 25, 2010

Betting Hard

A Presidential administration truly and fully behind a hope and change agenda would start acting on ways to restore Louisiana's vanishing coast.

Mark phrases this as a choice between cynicism (South Louisiana is littered with the empty shells of broken presidential promises) and buy-in (let's be helpful).

Meanwhile, I wonder if there is anything we can do without waiting on a President to do it for us.

And I know that the wetlands restoration project is going to be so massive it will eventually require Federal involvement. And I know that will require a President who is ready to actually do things and move this country to acheive great things as we have done in the past (though not recently). And I further understand that seeking this restoration is justice, not charity, as Louisiana has subsidized the real costs for many goods and services enjoyed by the other 49 states of the Union.

But again, is there anything we can do without waiting on a President to do it for us?

Because if Arizona can do whatever the hell they want with regards to Federal policy, it may be time we start looking at our options. I guarantee that restoring the wetlands and getting some actual storm protection will resonate with Americans who want to see their nation do great things again. And unlike Arizona's unnecessarily divisive and ineffective issues, we'd be merging good policy with good politics. This is the kind of issue that can shame politicians into action.

Because what can happen to Louisiana can happen to any other state.


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