Wednesday, June 09, 2010


This may be the only post on Daily Kos that I've ever read the entire way through. Fantastic. Reminds me of a hilarious, politically incorrect, NSFW because-of-language youtube I saw about this some weeks ago.

Oil booms explained.

The whole thing is must-read. The following quote is like a microcosm explanation of our national dysfunction:

The example above is a no-brainer. Most decisions will not be nearly that obvious. But we make those decisions. We don't not make those decisions. We make those decisions years before we need to and we maintain a command structure and we train community teams and we do yearly drills and and we obtain and maintain the materials we need and if the Oil Industry wants to drill or produce offshore, then they pay for it all. Now. Before they do anything else, and as part of their permitting, they get this done.

We don't wait until we need it and THEN give inexperienced boomers training in HazMat but no training in booming. We don't lay miles of bad boom just for show. We don't lay Absorbent Boom, wrong, as the only line of defense. We don't make decisions on where to boom and how to boom in each isolated little insta-command hamlet. We don't do it like it's being done right now.

We don't do it wrong.

We do it right.

And magically, like most things done right, it will work. Boom will work.

Like most things done right, it will work.


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suspect device said...

Love that piece. I've been getting into it with a "biologist" on FB who lectures about how awful it is for those poor animals, and then says," remember to collect your dog hair" and send it down!

Not money, not hands, not experts, not equipment -- dog hair. And when I politely mention that they can keep their dog hair, she tsks and says I must not read the news.