Saturday, June 05, 2010

By the Time I Get To Arizona...

Update Monday:

Two new posts on this issue, one at First Draft and then Maitri's post that sent me there.

I'm glad to see a lot of folks on the same page. Funny time ends now.

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Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a pattern.

You know, I can try to be as understanding as possible when it comes to Arizona's behavior lately. I despise their ridiculous, illogical, politically motivated and counterproductive immigration law (if you really wanted to stop the influx of illegals, you go after the businesses that hire them first), but I've tried to be understanding as they are dealing with the fallout of a consistently incoherent and insufficient Federal policy.

I became much more suspect when they cloaked their dismantling of real history under the guise of rooting out racial divisiveness.

But lightening the skin on the faces of a mural? You guys have lost all credibility at this point. Welcome to liability land. Of course, this situation involves a local talk radio personality with electoral motivation, and the pre-emptive blame game that this is the fault of the mural artists to "create racial divisions" by depicting students at the school, but no matter.

Maybe some attention to this behavior will rightly shame Arizona into looking deep into her own soul for whatever sickness these symptoms demonstrate. Then again, maybe the instigators and defenders of this abhorrent behavior will become brighter stars in that national movement that is giving conservatism a bad name.

I used to laugh at posts like Wonkette's, as they darkly warn of a coming white uprising by this pissed off but vocal minority. I used to think this had little to do with the skin color of our President, and more to do with legitimate policy disagreements. I simply know too many folks with genuine concern over the current legislative priorities and executive decisions.

I can deal with genuine concern and legitimate policy disagreements; that's why I used to think a lot of these folks screaming about "racism" were unhinged and lacked credibility.

But now, I'm really starting to wonder.

When will my conservative counterparts begin to look back at their own side of the aisle, and see what forces are marshalling behind their genuine concern and legitimate policy disagreement?



patsbrother said...

Regarding the Arizona law. The bulk of the law applies to businesses.

I would also like to know how that law is ridiculous, illogical, or counterproductive.

(I generally assume laws that pass state legislative political bodies are politically motivated, so I'll spot you that one.)

Stop making up crap about the law, unless you want to argue that the federal law (which the Arizona law adopts) is ridiculous, illogical, or counterproductive.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

In my opinion, federal law on immigration is ridiculous, illogical and counterproductive. It is also nearly unenforcable on an effective scale. That is the complaint, after all, that led to Arizona enacting their Jan Crow Laws in the first place.

And the bulk of that law does NOT apply to businesses, it applies to individuals who are caught "aiding" illegals. Just like the previous "nation's toughest immigration law" in Georgia, it creates de jure buffers between the illegality of hiring illegals and the businesspeople who do it.

I also notice you said not one thing about items 2 and 3. ONe wonders what your opinion on those matters would be.

patsbrother said...

I beg to differ on the focus of the law.

But, oh, yeah, I so totally support yelling epithets at children.


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, some indication that folks on your side of the aisle took this behavior more seriously would be welcome.

I mean, I heard a whole lot about the kids kicked out of school for wearing American flags on Cinco De Mayo, where is the outrage against this school's behavior?