Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"The Fear of What Comes Next"

And the Valley Shook makes a strong case for SEC expansion to include Texas A&M, and forget Texas.

Though conference trips to Austin would be awesome, I have to agree: TAMU is just as good a fit for the SEC as UT, can deliver a huge market in Texas, and the kicker - UT doesn't want in the SEC anyway. The analysis of previous SEC expansion is spot on, and it would be nice for LSU to have more traditional rivals in conference.

There is only so much manufactured rivalry Dawg Fans in Tigerland can create from Carrollton Station, after all.

And I would still love to see the SEC expand (if they have to) based on the 15 team, 3 division model. TAMU is a fantastic fit for one of those 3 slots. (And keeping the dreams of a Clemson addition alive.)

HT: Dawg Sports, who use Poseur's proposal as a starting point.


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