Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Frustrated With Obama?

Every time I get frustrated with the Obama administration's handling of both the setup and response to BP's Macondo Oil Flood fiasco, I am reminded that the alternative would likely be far worse.

(HT: Suspect Device)

Let's get this straight: unless they have a magical device that will stop the oil leak or clean it up RTFN, the "drill, baby, drill," "government is the problem," "not one drop," "the market will fix that" crowd do not get to open their mouths and talk about this thing as if they have some positive policy contribution to make. What we are dealing with is the exact end result of several of their governing philosophies.

Especially since the rest of the nation is finding out there is more than one leaking deepwater well. Which is likely a shock to anyone who isn't familiar with Louisiana, as the GOP has been repeating the "not one drop (of oil spilled)" narrative for years as a way to sell their political brand as a common sense item.

I literally cannot believe that their political handlers are still allowing them to speak in public. Right now, if they were very, very, very quiet, much of the blame for this would fall on the President and the party in power by default.

But no, they want to try and score political points off of this, which should be very, very difficult if your party's brand includes the tag: "drill, baby, drill."

And I guarantee the reaction would be different in Georgia if this spill was washing up on Cumberland and St. Simons.


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