Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little Less Conversation

The only thing more disappointing than President Obama's list of things we should have been doing already is that this represents the only American political option that takes the BP Oil Crisis seriously.

Obama still has a chance to really affect positive and lasting change to our nation as the result of this crisis. It isn't a good chance, but he has a chance.

And I'd still rather have him in charge than the other option I was offered.



patsbrother said...

You realize that your repeated incantations of "I'd still rather have [Obama] in charge than the other option" means that he's gone from being The One to The Least Worst. Right?

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I really don't know where "The Chosen One/Dear Leader" meme came from, but I was never a follower of it, but I suspect it comes from individuals who refused to criticize the last President, and worship at the altar of Sarah Palin.

Obama has delivered on a great deal of the change I believe in, and I have not been shy of saying so. At the same time, there are parts of policy where I disagree with him and will continue to criticize accordingly (as a whole raft of "liberal media" pundits have done).

One can only wish the same were true of the other side.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Oh, yeah, then there's THIS NONSENSE.

Glad to know that, in response to the greatest environmental disaster in our nation's history, members of the GOP would work hard to protect the organizations MAKING THE MESS.

patsbrother said...

Um, Oprah came up with The One. Famously. In her first and only political endorsement ever. Perhaps you remember.

Perhaps you also remember that time you spent the night in my apartment and, sitting on the balcony in the morning, you tried to explain to me how Obama was, like, this totally new type of politician unlike all others.

So, yes. You helped create that "meme", at least for me. You and Oprah. Accept it. Y'all oversold the goods.

And I don't think it begets bigness on the part of media that they criticized the president for what appears to have been a huge waste of time. Sometimes, something is so bad, nearly everyone has to agree. The one defense I've seen was an article on CNN stating that the reason it flopped...was Obama spoke over his audience's heads...but speaking on a late 9th grade level. Seriously.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Sorry, I don't watch Oprah, nor do I pay much attention to her comings and goings.

As far as trying to explain to you why Obama was the different politician, perhaps I should have chosen a more receptive audience and not to attempt such feats at 3 in the morning following 12 hours on a train from Louisiana.

But I have never followed his "the One" meme, but I have noticed it is far more important to those who oppose him than those who were for him. I knew what I was voting for long before I voted for it, and much of the change I desired has been delivered.

"Sometimes, something is so bad, nearly everyone has to agree."

Again, I challenge you to examine your own side's political leaders in this way.

patsbrother said...

(1) I don't watch Oprah, either. Anyone who walked near a television for a week saw the clip.

(2) And I've NEVER complained about a Republican or a conservative in my life. I've never questioned anything they've ever done. Why would I? They quite simply are always right.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I sure haven't seen a lot of same-side criticism from you recently, though I would love to see your intellectual defense of the Sarah Palin phenomena.

Especially her attempts to reframe her energy policy from "drill, baby, drill" to "drill-on-land-so-we-don't-have-to-drill-in-deepwater."

Anytime you're ready, you do have authorship capabilities on this site.

patsbrother said...

Please add my current email to "authorship capable" as I don't remember the password to my old non-gmail blogger incarnation.