Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Protest Roundup

I've still got some posts to make about the demonstration on Sunday, but those will have to wait. It was fun seeing a lot of folks I know there.

In the meantime, let me direct you to some of the words and photographs from others in attendance:

Allman has a wrap up for the Gambit. Unlike most MSM, the local alternative news weekly had two reporters on the scene.

Some Mainstream outlets did get into the act, but their reporting was so shoddy it boggles the mind. I watched an MSNBC report that pegged the number in attendance at more than 100 people (no wonder we won't see a more accurate reporting of how much oil is spilling).

Please see also this reality-bending write up by the LA Times. Look at the picture. Read the words. Then look at the roundups and pictures taken by the locals. One wonders if they even attended the same event, or showed up too early, phoned it in and went to get beignets down the street. Only two people in costume? Maybe they missed the whole Joan of Arc in chain mail on a horse.

Start with this fantastic report from Levees Not War. Video, links to more photos, and a link to this post at Huffington that gets it right.

Editor B has a report. He also has a lot of good photos.

DSB lets his camera do the reporting for him.


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