Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Hard to Say Goodbye

Overnight Low @ Tasty World, 2008. Wenzka-Espana Bachelor/ette Party

In New Orleans, one of the world's singluar cities, the singular institution Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge closes its doors in July.

In Athens, the greatest college town in the land, one of the anchors of the town's legendary music scene, Tasty World, will holler a true last call in the wee hours of an AthFest Sunday morning, as the last encore thunders from the stage.

Two treasures, turning over. See if this sounds familiar:

Murphy says there have been too many high points over the past decade to go into, but that he can link them all through his experience. Of that moment, he says, “I have dragged my sorry ass downtown, mailing it in, purely there to drink my way through another night and lock it up. I am on a 70-day run of totally ignoring the sounds coming through the shitty P.A., in a room ill-suited for live entertainment, when out of the darkness comes some beautiful new sound exploding everything. That moment makes all the drudgery worthwhile, and I will max out all my credit cards to keep the place open so it can happen again.”

While I despise getting old and turning over so much of the exciting life to today's unappreciating kids (y'all get off my lawn, now, yaherrdmeh?) I wish back then I had one drop of the knowledge that I have now. Appreciate everything you love like it won't be there tomorrow.

And when I'm down at Mimi's this Friday with friends new and old, I'll raise my glass to the beautiful new sound exploding everything.

Rock for Richard Memorial Metal Show, Tasty World Uptown, 2009


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