Tuesday, June 15, 2010

They Advocated for Drilling...

...before they advocated against it.

I'm talking about the right-wing.

I was going to write something about the true costs of setting up your entire society based on gasoline, and then I looked at the comments section of Cynthia Tucker's column.

Specifically, the right-wing comments. They are temerity defined.

However the more important analysis would have reminded us of the horrific expense inflicted by ANWR-like environmentalism, that intellect that compels oil drillers to go to the bottom of the deepest oceans for difficult searches rather than use the readily-available easy stuff. (Ragnar)
The lesson taught is, don’t give into wacko leftist environmental terrorists and instead, do what is sensible, practical, safer and logical. Drill on the mainland like Republicans have been preaching for decades. (Charles)

And on and on.

Sorry, right-wingers, you drove home the "drill, baby, drill" meme with so much force and fanfare, you own it. Maybe you should have spent less time pointing and laughing at "librals" who attempted to explain the true costs of drilling anywhere, and more time considering possible consequences of your actions. You know, like adults.

Now that the pandering, wrong-headed cliches you try to pass off as policies have run full-speed-face-first into the worst case scenario and created a massive man-made catastrophe affecting an entire coastline of the United States (AGAIN), don't hide from it. Enjoy it for what it is. Bask in it. Roll around in the oily, slimy goodness like migratory waterfowl in their death throes.

Don't dare attempt to change things after the fact like your name is "John Kerry."

Because I distinctly recall you intellectually bankrupt and reality challenged individuals chanting "DRILL. BABY. DRILL."

I did not hear you chant "we-have-to-drill-in-deepwater-because-environmentalists-won't-let-us-drill-on-land." You weren't thinking about pelicans and seafood, though I'm sure you served some at your fundraiser.

I mean, I should have known this baldly lunatic version of reality would grow legs after Sarah "Media Hate Me" Palin started tweeting that fear of the oil spill was the real reason right-wingers-against-really-real-reality wanted to drill in Alaska's national wildlife preserves. The idea that GOP policymakers would have stopped deepwater drilling if ANWR was open is reality denial on a scale so deep we usually reserve its association with the folks currently in charge of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I should have known it had legs when my Dad called me up asked me if it was true.

I should not be surprised that they would attempt to salvage some semblance of political survival out of their suicidal "policies" of drilling wherever, whenever, however + no government regulation whatsoever.

Sorry, folks. You broke it, you bought it.


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