Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Whale

An oil skimming supertanker is on the way to the Gulf of Mexico for oil cleanup. The crazy part? They don't know if they'll be able to use it when it gets here, because our own laws might get in the way.

As part of their re-branding effort in the wake of the Drill, Baby, Drill/Joe Barton/Right-Wing Narrative & Governing Philosophy Fail, there is a movement afoot to shovel the "blame" of the government response onto too much regulation.

Because what better way to respond to a crisis caused by ineffective regulation than to say the problem is too much regulation?

What they're really doing is framing the Not Having a Plan is a Bad Thing truism of government policy in a way that doesn't expose the bipartisan nature of our current national dysfunction. Bobby's statewide approval rating is somewhere around 90%, and he got there by complaining about the immovable Feds and hoping no one raises any questions about any other levels of government. Nationally, Republicans want to ride those coattails. They are less interested in cleaning up the oil and more interested in politically hammering Obama.

They're going to focus on the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 and the Jones Act of 1920, and the implementation of such laws by the current Democratic administration regarding the cleanup.

And you know what? They've got a point. Understand, this doesn't excuse them for being the party of "Drill, Baby, Drill," "I Apologize to BP," and a few other progress-resistant memes. But, if they want to try and shame the current administration into doing something they should have already been doing, its not easy to stop them on political grounds.

No foul. Play on.

Of course, Obama could mitigate this by getting on the ball. He still has a chance to turn this around. Not a great chance, but a chance. And that margin gets thinner everyday.

Because if the drilling rig can operate under a different flag, I have no problem bringing in clean up equipment and experts from other nations. On the Gulf Coast, we should have 120% employment for anyone with a commercial vessel and deckhands, and if other nations have the technology our own nation has proudly refused to invest in, we should be willing to invite them to participate.

And we should have an administration who facilitates that sort of thing. Quickly.



Varg said...

I've said it before: I don't understand Republicans. I just don't get how some of the things they stump for isn't lose / lose. Much of this relates to the environment. All their policies make them look like dicks both ways.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Republicans used to have some very good ideas that addressed very real problems that faced our nation. But these days, their desire to appeal to some very insular mindsets has run their governing philosophy off the rails.