Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Must Register With Ze Police

Because it is just too difficult to go after businesses who hire illegal immigrants, some Americans would rather require police-issued permits to rent or lease housing.

That's right, in Arizona, they can check your papers. In Fremont, Nebraska, everyone who wants to rent any property has to seek and recieve permission from the local police force.

At this rate, the red states will have voted themselves into a police state before the next Presidential election. I'm sure the Democrats will be blamed.

Of course, Barr says it best:

Such measures clearly illustrate that a majority of Americans are willing to grant far-reaching – even arbitrary — powers to law enforcement to infringe their liberty simply to salve their concern over policy disputes.


Dante said...

How is putting the onus of immigration status on a landlord any different than putting it on a business owner? Either way, your papers are getting checked. Also, how is this different from other residency ordinances like the single family housing zones in Athens? I'm not saying I agree with them, but they do exist and have held up in court.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Putting the onus of immigration status on a landlord/tenant/local police is different from putting it on a business owner because it does not address the problem effectively.

Illegal tenancy is a symptom of illegals being hired by businesses.

We can create as many selective-enforcement-prone ordinances and laws as we want to spend our resources chasing 12 million people around for red tape violations, and the litigation the enforcement of those ordinances bring; or we can work on removing the source of the problem, so those 12 million will not have a reason to be here, and will expend their resources to go someplace else.