Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Your Petrocracy

Despite the chorus of complaint about how "un-constitutional" the President's "shakedown" of an oil company is, I have yet to hear any real-conservative-to-right-wing outrage over that same oil company's use of government officials to muzzle the press.

You remember the press, right? It is one of those pesky freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights, last time I checked (the intertubes at least).

So emboldened, said oil company is now employing government officials to detain private citizens with cameras.

I can relate.

I find the silence strange. I distinctly remember hearing about the rights of a different cameraman, once upon a time.


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Dante said...

It's not uncommon to restrict access to a disaster area, especially when safety is a concern. That's something that's not new and isn't going to change any time soon. BP may be getting government help in abusing that system. That would need to be looked into, but to be fair, the site of the spill is still a somewhat dangerous place right now. I could see the FAA's hesitance in allowing people to fly over the area.

In regards to your other clip, it looks to me like the officer may be in bed with BP a little too much for our own good but at no point did the officer violate the BP volunteer's freedom of speech, and his rights aren't being violated now that the video is posted. In China, this guy ends up in a gulag. In Russia, he ends up on the bottom of a river somewhere.

On a slight tangent, BP is possibly using the government to abuse power and you're out there asking what the protection money is for? Well, here's item one for your list.