Friday, July 09, 2010

Commenting on

So much for keeping a low profile and staying above the fray.



dsb said...

Impressive--you even try to be a reasonable voice among the unreasonable voices in the comments.

Well said, too, btw ...

DADvocate said...

Excellent comments at the link. Three summers in college, I worked at a summer camp for behavior problem/emotionally disturbed kids. The camp was run by two psychologists from the University of Alabama.

We were able to use techniques to control these kids without handcuffs or the police. Occasionally, we did have to physically restrain them by holding them. We found various methods of reward/time out worked well.

I've never seen the techniques used nearly as effectively since although I worked in mental health and social services for ten years. Simple example, most used time out as punishment, which it should not be. It should be a short period of time, 10-15 minutes max, in which the child regains control of him/her self and begins to act appropriately again.

When I was a juvenile probation officer in Tennessee, the school systems usually rejoiced at the misbehavior of our kids as they could push them out the door and back to correctional school.

The number of people I've seen outside that camp that could effectively work with problem kids, I can count on my fingers. You sound like you might be one of them.