Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Full Sherrod Video

Just in case there are those of you who missed the link Alli brought us on the last post about this.

There have been greater misrepresentations, I'm sure. But I'm at a loss to think of any at this current time. Shirley Sherrod was demonized by the right-wing media of blogs, radio and Fox News; and then abandoned by the NAACP (when it mattered) and the Obama administration.

All for a speech about history, personal tragedy, overcoming prejudice and racial unity.

Because why would we need to hear about any of those difficult subjects in our progress-resistant culture today? We're much happier screaming at one another about fantasies. Let us rid ourselves of anyone who dares speak one moment of uncomfortable truth.

If the stink of shame, shame does not choke us on this one we may be beyond help. Disgust does not begin to describe my mood.


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