Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ground Zero Gingrich

I used to be a fan of Newt. Even though I disagreed with him on many, many issues, I respected him. I bought several of historical fiction books on the Civil War and WWII. He's a fantastic writer when it comes to fiction. Maybe he should have kept that job.

Maybe he did.

Now that he has decided to play to the worst elements of American sectionalism and xenophobia in his attempt to win a slot on the Palin/Nagin ticket in 2012, I no longer hold such views. He is now speaking fiction and selling it as real policy, because that's how they do things in Saudi Arabia (our partner in the Global War on Terror and Future Ally in the Coming Holy Alliance Against Iran).

Hopefully, our nation will not fall for his lunatic verbal acrobatics. (Be sure to read all the way to comment 14 for the most effect.)

HT: The Daily Dish.


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