Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making Groceries

As Winn-Dixie prepares to close their store in Marrerro, Louisiana, Trader Joes's announces that they are opening a store in Oconee County, Georgia.

There has been much rejoicing from my friends in the Classic City. (Oconee County is the part of Athens run by exurb developers.)

This is still a head scratcher for me, though. I haven't done any actual studies, but it always appears to me that New Orleans, with a population nearing 400,000 souls and a metro of over 1 million, has less grocery stores than Athens, Georgia - a college town with 150,000 people if you don't count Sanford Stadium on game day.

One day I'm going to have to make an official count.

In another head scratching comparison between these two cities, Athens even had their own chemical spill earlier this month.



Leigh C. said...

We'll send Athens the Rouse's going in the Warehouse District if they'll send us that Trader Joe's.

I wish, anyway.

patsbrother said...
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patsbrother said...

"Er, what's a Rouse's, precious?" said the cave-dwelling troll who doesn't know.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Rouse's: A hit-and-miss Louisiana grocery store. Think Athens-area Krogers circa 1999.

patsbrother said...

Intrigued by your thought, I went to Google maps, requested it search for businesses, and typed in, separately, "supermarkets, New Orleans la" and "supermarkets, Athens ga".

New Orleans definintely wins this race, by a long shot. (As I am unprepared to count each little red dot, however, I will not assert that New Orleans wins per capita.)

New Orleans appears to have far more smaller, specialty markets than Athens does, so that is one thing. I don't know how the comparison of large superstores work out.