Sunday, July 04, 2010

Morals of the Story

Reports from North Georgia are telling us that UGA President Michael Adams has asked for and recieved UGA Athletic Director Damon Evans' resignation.

That's what a very public DUI will do for you, especially when you are the face of UGA's anti-drink and drive public service announcements. Multiply that by trying to get out of the arrest by using your locally prestigious title. Triple that by having a 28 year old woman who is not your wife in your car at midnight on a weeknight, and double your ending score by having her red panties on your lap when the Georgia State Trooper walks up to your window.

There is a reason Evans was weeping openly by the time he realized arrest was imminent. Prior to his decisions on that fateful night, he was living a near locked-in lifetime appointment of employment and prestige at what can only be considered a dream job. I'll let John Lee tell yabout what happens next.

Bulldawg Nation now must hope against hope that Il Duce Michael Adams will replace Evans, who, despite the recent meltdown, has done a splendid job as Athletic Director for the last six years. We have to hope he'll go against his baser nature of appointing political cronies, yes men or assorted members of his entourage and choose someone who knows something about athletics.

Especially since we have two fine candidates right off the bat.

You can put me on Team Carla. But I'm all about seamless transitions, continuity and not fixing what ain't broke.

But Option McGarity doesn't seem a bad choice, either.

If we could get either of those two, I would be quite happy with the choice.

More reasoned and insightful commentary can be found at DawgSports, to whose editors and contributing writers I must tip my hat for most of these links and ideas.


All that being said, let me just add that I'm shocked to discover a staggering number of individuals across the Southland who have taken delight in Evans' fall from grace.

I had no idea there were so many good folks who are such vehicular teetotalers or stalwarts of family values that they do not even associate with folks who have DUI's or cheated on their spouse. One might think they'd be prouder of their lifestyles than their anonymous comments might indicate.

More vexing is seeing that type of attitude from certain folks in the UGA community, especially considering the rather colorful and flagrant personal life of at least one sitting member of our Board of Regents.

I'm sure I will have to serve up more than one tall, frosty mug of STFU to certain individuals during my upcoming Island City vactation.



Dante said...

"You can put me on Team Carla. But I'm all about seamless transitions, continuity and not fixing what ain't broke."

I don't see how any Georgia fan can say that in good conscience after the abomination that was Ray Goff. I don't care about seamless transition or continuity. I just care about placing the most qualified applicant in the position. (BTW, I'm not saying Carla Williams isn't the best applicant. I just don't think it matters all that much.)

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I'm a fan of institutional memory if things are already being done right.

I didn't realize Ray went from assistant head coach to head coach.

I of course want the best and most qualified applicant, too. But if Carla is in the pool of "most qualified applicants," as I suspect she is, I would prefer an internal hire.

Dante said...

But things weren't being done right. Under Dooley, Georgia was absolutely dominant in sports outside of football and basketball. While our football and basketball programs have improved considerably towards the end of Dooley's tenure and into Damon's, our other sports have languished across the board. Even Damon's hire was a mistake and that mistake has nothing to do with his predilection to driving through downtown Atlanta completely plowed with his passenger's panties on his head. Let's not continue that mistake pretending everything was ok before. Someone with some sort of UGA pedigree is important for booster money, but that doesn't mean we just have to move up the ranks. I've worked for a couple of companies that encourage internal promotion hires for big positions and they're usually a big f'ing mess because the best candidate for the job is rarely someone already working at a lower level internally. What's worse is when the internal hire does a poor job they usually hang around until they finally get put out of their misery about a year or two too late because the company feels bad about playing right into the Peter Principle. I don't want an athletic director who might sorta be in the same pool as the best applicants. I want the best applicant. If Carla is it, then great, but I don't want an AD sitting around that is doing a poor job, won't leave, and we won't fire.