Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Partisans Printing Money

Right wingers must be jubilant today as the news spreads - a Federal judge has blocked parts of Arizona's Jan Crow laws.

Both the judge's opinions and the reaction of illegal immigration supporters couldn't have been worded any better to feed continued right-wing paranoia and narrative. And we all know that means the Breitbarts, Limbaughs, Becks, and Hannities of the world will be printing money on the air for the rest of this week as they sell further indignant outrage.

Especially because this issue will be the only news this week, what with media reports that the BP Oil Catastrophe is "vanishing", and everyone, just everyone is asking where's the oil.

This week, no one will question the effectiveness of and political motivations behind Gov. Jindal's jetties. No one will challenge the attempted whitewashing of the Bush era Minerals Management Service and history. And no one will worry about the beaches or the plankton that may be affected. The kids are back at school, after all, and we're grillin' steaks, not shrimp.

And we have this Arizona thing to worry about - the wierd debate that focuses only on symptoms (and people's resulting feelings about the symptoms) and not on the actual problems. While we will go the extra mile to crack down on the folks who come here illegally, we like to ignore the folks who hire them illegally. While we worry about how "racist" illegal immigration opponents are, we like to ignore the fact that most illegals in this country are subject to brutal working and living conditions, with wages far below what they should be, creating a type of modern slavery that should be abhorrent to anyone with a clear perspective.

So we'll argue about a law that pisses off some people, and then we'll argue about the people getting pissed off that other people are pissed off. We'll be no closer to solving the problem, but a bunch of pundits and organizations on either side of this "issue" will have made millions more in contributions and advertising dollars.

Because there is no money to be made by actually addressing the real problems with illegal immigration.


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