Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Refudiate This

Jay Bookman is right on the money to compare the right-wing hit against Shirley Sherrod (and I don't care what Brietbart says now, this was all about Shirley Sherrod) with the "Ground Zero Mosque" bullshit.

Because this is nothing BUT bullshit. Like bad gangsta rap, the Ground Zero narrative is a manufactured controversey designed only to rile up the most hyper-defensive and willfully ignorant of our fellow citizens. It has nothing at all to do with reality, and everything to do with filling the coffers of right wing extremists with stupid people's money. Fear. Sells.

Irrational fear sells better.

If you don't think so, talk to the Monkey God.

The Tea Party needs exactly zero condemnations from the NAACP about racism when one of their big names keeps sounding like one.

Where are the real conservatives to "refudiate" this nonsense?


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Maitri said...

Remember the McCain town hall or whatever when he had to assure a member of the audience that Obama is not Arab and that was an acceptable response? All Arabs are not terrorists; a good chunk of them aren't Muslim either. Hello!

But really, when did America go from being anti-Muslim-fundamentalist to anti-Muslim? And why are we in Iraq and Afghanistan taking democracy to the poor, enslaved natives if we think they are all detestable?

And, for the love of god (haha), why is any government money going to paying for a mosque or a church or any fraking religious building there?