Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remove I-10 Over Claiborne

Just a little additional research on how freeways destroy neighborhoods and strangle a city's vitality.

Sound like any neighborhoods in any cities you know? As someone who rides his bike from a vibrant neighborhood in Mid-City to both the Quarter/Mariny/Bywater and Uptown, I can tell you that the worst part of my commute in either direction occurs within blocks of when I cross the interstate/freeway.

People get upset when talking about taking down the I-10 over North Claiborne. They say this will mean less people from Slidell coming to the CBD to spend their money. I thought those folks spent their money in Slidell.

Then they say it will cause too much traffic on the surface streets. But with no one coming to New Orleans from Slidell, I don't know how that happens.

They also say this will cut off parts of New Orleans to the East. But we can keep the interstate terminus on Elysian Fields to move traffic into that side of town.

And then there is the very conservative position: it will cost more money to maintain the elevated interstate over North Claiborne than to tear it down.

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