Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Responding to Ongoing Disasters

Christopher Beam at Slate extrapolates how a Republican president might have handled the response to BP's Oil Gusher. The short answer? Not much differently. Can't argue with that.

Many people will mistake this as "liberals defending" Obama's response efforts, and Beam drifts close to doing so. This should not the case.

This should be less "they do it, too" and more "y'all both suck." But I'll tell ya, I'm bout damn sick and tired of Republicans crowing about Obama screwing this up as if their political aspirations in Washington are more important than the United States Gulf Coast. I won't even discuss the lowness of esteem I have for the clowns on right-wing radio after all this.

It is truly frightening that with all the power that has collected at the hands of the imperial presidency, the executive branch has proven unable to marshal resources effectively to respond to multiple catastrophes. Party affiliation or ideology has zero to do with it.

That being said, it could be worse. We could be in these shoes.

And that's not a defense of our current progress-resistant society's supposed superiority. That's just a warning of where we're going if we don't get our shit together.


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