Tuesday, July 20, 2010

State of the City

Its been a few days, but I've been out of town.

Pistolette wraps up Mayor Landrieu's first State of the City address. She hits pretty much all the important parts, from the actual problems outlined, to the self-depreciating and unhelpful cliches this city sells itself as, to the fact that none of the local TV stations covered the speech live.

the reason Mitch did this speech so early in his term was because he was doing a bit of CYA (cover your ass). He needed to let people know up front how bad things were, because HE didn’t know how bad they were, and therefore had to change the scale of his goals. And the voters needed to adjust their expectations. This speech was a necessary (albeit painful) start.

You'd think that, with the current state of things, station directors might take the local government's behaviors more seriously. I know that's difficult after the last 8 years.

Culturally, compare that to the 24 hours of mostly useless opinion-as-news you can get on any of our eleventeen cable news channels. Bread and circuses, yelling at one another while everything goes to hell, and focus on our national telenovela in Washington. I can't imagine the sea change all over America if people stopped worrying about ACORN and gay marriage and started investigating the budgets of their local school boards.



patsbrother said...

As I understand it, the New Orleans area has one of the highest per capita rates of local news consumption, considering there's actually [crap] to talk about. I agree: what gives? Why no broadcast? Did they at least broadcast it in its entirety later on?

patsbrother said...

Resplice as needed.


patsbrother said...

That was amazing.