Thursday, July 01, 2010

Taking Down the Tent

I guess I really did hit a nerve calling the Georgia "Dome" the world's largest tent.

But seriously, I have never understood why there is a deeply entrenched faction of Atlanta folks who want to tear down their perfectly reasonable football stadium and replace it with something different. I've seen games in the Georgia "Dome," and it is a pleasant game watching experience.

But I guess having three major College Football events dominate your NFL Stadium is one of those things that causes friction.

Here's one idea for a stadium replacement. I read it, and this new design is a perfectly reasonable stadium concept.

But Atlanta already has a nice stadium. The Georgia "Dome" is booked solid during football season - are the owners losing money on it? If so, somebody better check the books. They should be making their operating costs back from hosting the SEC Championship Game alone - one of the most prestigious events in any American football year.

But sometimes that just isn't enough. Reading through the proposals, some things did strike me as interesting:

A. Making the stadium seating capacity smaller. More club seats = mo' money. That's the rationale behind any discussion of building a new stadium, and we shouldn't pretend otherwise.

B. The artificial creation of fanatic fan zones. The "Falcon's Nest" with a terrace tailgating tie-in. As a College Football devotee and Saints fan, I have to say that if you have to deliniate where and when your fans go crazy for your team, you just don't have the fanbase you need to support such things. Just go ahead and rename your franchise the "Tampa Baja Norte Falcones" and let the old folks watch the games, too.

Related, as a Georgia fan, I have to say I am quite tired of "fake juice." Black jerseys, special stadium sections for fanatic followers and coffee are for closers.

C. More than one refrence to the Saints. Yes, I am including the comments section, because this is a post about architecture. You know a team has gotten into an opponent's head when you personally name their quarterback as the victim of the theoretical noise created by your proposed "fanatic" fan zone.

Listen, y'all. Drew Brees' home stadium is the SUPERDOME, which is the loudest stadium without a tie-in to an institution of higher learning or a fan base carrying vuvuzelas. He deals with louder, more distracting fans while doing warm ups for home games than your fake juice will put in his head when playing anywhere else.

Hell, he deals with louder, more distracting fans while mowing his lawn.

D. The biggest critics of a new stadium in Atlanta, and the folks I most agree with, come from adherents to college football. Please see Dawgsports (and +1 for the S.H.E.I.L.D. refrence) and Mr. College Football, who remind Falcons owner Arthur Blank that Atlanta is first and foremost a college football town.

True Dat.


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