Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doing Muslim Stuff

It is too bad so many American "journalists" lack the courage to accurately disect the political misrepresentations of a zoning issue in lower Manhattan. Luckily, the British press is much more sublime.

Contrary to what Mr Gingrich says, in America, Nazis do have the right to put up a sign next to the Holocaust Museum in Washington; a Japanese citizen could unfurl a banner of the rising sun at Pearl Harbor and so on.
But for this analogy to work, a mosque must be to 9/11 what a swastika is to the Holocaust. Happily, however, most politicians are reluctant to suggest that mosques are symbols of terrorism, or that Muslims are all terrorists.

(Yeah, that's what we have right-wing radio and internet for...and the Tea Party Express.)

Back to the article:

Instead, the complaint seems to boil down to a vague sense that doing Muslim stuff near ground zero is an unhappy reminder of terrorism...

Emphasis mine.

Just imagine if all religious orders were subjected to such collective scrutiny in this day and age.

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Maitri said...

Did you see this? The hallowed ground is spreading to outer boroughs.

If these Republicans' plan is to ostracize Muslim Republicans and only foment more internal strife, they're doing a really good job. Everyone's falling for it, including the Democrats.

Yeah, I saw what Gingrich did there from the start with Nazis = Axis Japanese = Muslims. Also, I wonder why no one in the press is calling these morons on the "Saudi Arabia has no churches" when that nation is a religious monarchy that has no first amendment. When we fling poo by comparing ourselves with the Saudi government, where does that leave us?

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

It leaves us paying attention to a zoning issue in lower Manhattan that involves the hallowed ground of a former Burlington Coat Factory.

Because if we're looking at that, we're not paying attention to levees that fail, blowout preventers that don't prevent blowouts, privatizing the Iraq war, or the fact that independent scientists have found out that neither the oil nor the dispersant "vanished."

Also, it helps to keep in mind all the money to be made and political points to be scored by the architects who manufactured an issue of this nature.

Maitri said...

Oh, and 1 in 5 Muslims think Obama is a Muslim. Then there are the people who think those 1 in 5 are idiots.

Attention, Earth: So what if he were Muslim?

It's almost as if these Republicans want more anti-American sentiment and terrorist activity so they can say I told you so.

Dante said...

"Oh, and 1 in 5 Muslims think Obama is a Muslim."

Obama's religion is Government. He can't have any other religion because they all have the same 1st Commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. All of this talk of him being Mulsim or Christian in the Jeremiah Wright vein is pretty amusing. There's only one altar Obama worships at and it's the one that feeds him, clothes him, and gives him power.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

If 1 in 5 Muslims thinks the President is a Muslim, it really demonstrates their similarity to mainstream Americans.


And if Obama's religion is "government," I'd guess that every member of the GOP's religion is "attention."

Dante said...

"I'd guess that every member of the GOP's religion is "attention.""

No, their religion is Government, too. They're just better at pretending otherwise.

patsbrother said...

If Obama seemed like the kind of guy who would let his religion dictate his actions, then I might care about his religious beliefs (because they might end up affecting me).

However, he doesn't. So I just don't care.

I'm kind of sad the "refused" category of that poll that's out now wasn't bigger.

(Sidenote: I'm also annoyed the question in that poll asked people what is Obama's religion--essentially, what does he believe--rather than what religion does Obama profess to be. Because I'm uncomfortable enough discussing my own religious beliefs, and I have no business presuming someone else's.)