Thursday, August 19, 2010

Embarassing Science

Some folks just can't handle the truth.

More proof that the "vanishing" oil theory is the thing that brings politicians, pundits, and big business together under one big tent. They would rather eat poisoned food, breathe poisoned air, and drink poisoned water than lose stock value or arguments.



DADvocate said...

I'm surprised that environmentalists aren't making a bigger deal out of this. Or, maybe they're trying and the MSM, who are mostly in Obama's pocket, aren't cooperating. They don't want to take any chance of making Obama look bad.

Who knows, but it's a most curious situation.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

maybe they're trying

I have to tell you, I was suspicious for a long time, but moving to New Orleans and seeing the difference between what actually happens and what is reported to the rest of the country is akin to drawing back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz.

And this knows no party. The author of the Peach Pundit post trying to debunk the science behind the studies has been lauded as the 62nd most influential "conservative" in America.

That's a right-wing pundit, founder of Red, defending the party line of the Democratic Presidential administration and the rest of the MSM: the oil has "vanished."

I guess oil is thicker than bad blood.