Friday, August 06, 2010

Ground Zero Gingrich Finds a Friend

Few people would like the world to go to war. Total world war, the kind with the draft and gasoline rationing and sending huge armies to other continents with conquest on the mind. The kind where something far more powerful and far more terrible than UAV's are going to be needed. The kind where internment camps are needed at home to house those who will be vilified as "other" and cast as the enemy.

Like the Fire-Eaters of old, who would stop at nothing to provoke a war between the North and the South, Newt joins Osama with his attempts to touch off a worldwide civilizational destruction.

Let me be clear: we face a national threat - from a loosely networked group of individual criminal actors who have wrapped themselves in a religion and hide amongst various states. If we expand this thing, we will do so by attacking a religion and attacking nations, and that will create for us far more enemies than we currently face.

I don't even like to think about what World War III would look like in the United States.


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