Friday, August 27, 2010

Narrative Vs. Truth

In America these days, the narrative always wins. Even. In. Sports.

The "Mark Richt Hot Seat" meme, and every attendant aspect of it, might be THE dumbest, most reality-denialist story currently circulating around a nation of dumb, reality-denialist stories. And, yes, I am including all the political stories I've discussed over the past 4 years.

Yes, I condsider it dumber than the lobotomy-inducing "Prezident-Obamar-Iz-Teh-Mooslim" story, because at least Obama's middle name has a Middle Eastern origin. I also consider it dumber than the jaw-slackening "Teh-Earl-In-Teh-Gulf-It-Beez-VANISHINGZ!!" story, because at least some folks don't really know what 200 million gallons of oil looks like in the Gulf of Mexico.

But even while the MRHS narrative doesn't have the same stakes as a lot of the current political BS, it does have the distinction of being the MOST repeated media fantasy backed up by the absolute zero quantity of fact. Out of the hundreds of thousands of UGA alumni, and the millions of SEC and college football fans across the world, there may be, at most, 300 individuals who seriously think that the guy on track to become the winningest coach in University of Georgia history should be canned as head coach of UGA's football team.

And they aren't the kind of 300 you'd expect to find at Thermopalye.

To believe this narrative is worthy of any credibility, you'd literally have to hand-pick your focus group from select trailer parks, Atlanta douchebag hangouts, a few envious Florida State boosters, and at least one unhinged Alabama talk radio lunatic.

I usually like the folks at Sports Illustrated. Hell, I usually read Staples. But it troubles me deeply that a story this easily refudiated would make it through the editorial process at a major US media publication.



Dante said...

"And they aren't the kind of 300 you'd expect to find at Thermopalye."

On the contrary, with how hard they're holding onto this story, the Richt-hot-seat crowd might be able to teach the Spartans a thing or two about holding their ground.

What I still have yet to hear from anyone preaching this Richt hot seat nonsense is who is going to replace him and improve the program in the process? It's not like Michael Adams has a former-teammate-turned-hot-shit-head-coach hanging around to take to Richt's favorite Mexican food restaurant the day before firing him.*

* I don't usually make it a point to explain my references, but I might've gone too obscure on that one so:

DADvocate said...

Did you know according to a Pew Poll, most likely the same one you're getting your lobotomy-inducing from, 51% of Democrats think Obama is a Muslim or don't know what religion he is?

DADvocate said...

35% of all Democrats believe Bush had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Dante - I stand corrected. Thinking about it, you are absolutely correct about that analogy.

DADV - notice how I didn't attribute "lobotomy-inducing" with a political party. At least stupidity is a bi-partisan affair.

DADvocate said...

notice how I didn't attribute "lobotomy-inducing" with a political party.

First time I've seen the Obama is a Muslim thing not fully attributed to Republicans/conservatives.

DADvocate said...

Here an interesting development, more people think Obama's a Muslim now than did over a year ago and more say they don't know what his religion is. Curious.