Sunday, August 08, 2010

See Where Ground Zero Gingrich Will Lead Us

This was originally my comment on the previous post, but this really deserves as much attention as it can get. I didn't want any of you to miss it.

If you still doubt what the Cordoba Mosque is about, and what is truly at stake here, watch this.

The major "Republican" running for governor of New York says he will employ eminent domain to keep this mosque from being built. That's what he says, his own words from his own mouth. He will use the power of law to overturn the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and dare anyone to oppose him. If they take that dare, they are siding with "those who attacked us."

He will use eminent domain to curtail the freedom of religion in America. He will use eminent domain to divest Americans citizens of $100 million of property because of their religion.

He will not allow a "monument to those who attacked us" to be built. Which means he thinks all Muslims attacked us.

This is not "conservatism" as we should have it in America. We are not discussing taxes or incremental health insurance reform or the effectiveness of the bureaucracy. We are discussing restricting the rights of individuals to build a religious building on property they own where they have gone through all the accepted civic permitting proceedures, and we are having this "discussion" because some voters do not like their religion and some politicians are willing to take advantage of that fact.

This is dangerous. It is folly. And it leads us down a path as dark as any we have faced. These are the stakes.

The chorus from civil libertarians should be deafening in repudiation of this behavior, these lies and these tactics. That there is not such a chorus demonstrates only how cowardly our nation has become when defending what is right. Funny time is over. We have people in positions of power now proudly declaring that they will suspend the rights of Americans to win elections. We have people in positions of power now intentionally inciting emotional reactionism and xenophobia because it helps their bottom line.

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patsbrother said...

Now that is obnoxious.

patsbrother said...

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

That Spectator post is nothing but an apologist's excusing this repugnant behavior. I call bullshit.

There are no legitimate reasons to oppose this construction. None. It passed all the accepted city zoning requirements.

These opponents would not be bigots and liars if there were any legitimate reasons to latch on to. But the only reason they don't want that building there is because the religion of the participants. That is, by the very definition, bigotry.

George Mauer said...

It doesn't "lead us down a path". It's on that path, this isn't an indicator or a forerunner of a repugnant and cynical political culture this is it in the flesh.