Friday, August 06, 2010

The Weakness of Your Arguments

Defined thusly:

I know! It is hard and uncomfortable to discuss the actual merits of the case. That might force people to interact with those who disagree with them or listen to facts they would rather not hear.

Instead, let's dismiss any rulings' basis on the law of the land by discussing the judge's alleged private life. It is easier to read online rumors than court transcripts, and it is easier to hear whisper campaigns than closing arguments.

Because a heterosexual judge couldn't possibly agree with that ruling, could they? There must be some hidden agenda here. Marriage is the foundation rock of our entire civilization!

We'll show them in November. I just know that the vast majority of "real" Americans agree with me because that's what the guy on the radio said. These activist judges will do anything to undermine the traditional lifestyle of everyone who agrees with everything I think.

::looks at blackberry::

Oh, excuse me, I'm late for my divorce deposition.

< / sarcasm >


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DADvocate said...

The judge's sexual orientation argument doesn't hold water because, conversely, using the same logic a heterosexual judge would be biased the other way. I don't care a whole lot about this issue one way or the other.

I support gays in the military because I think they should fight and die like the rest of us. As for marriage, I think their idiots for wanting to, especially the ones with the greater income. My sister is gay and thinks it's ridiculous to for herself to get married. She owns two houses and is doing alright. Why should she risk that through marriage and divorce?