Monday, August 02, 2010

Where's Wald-Oil?

The rest of America must really be getting tired of this whole "oil destroying the Gulf Coast" thing, because that's the only reason I can think of to explain all the national media types that have bought into the where's the oil theory of fantasy-land.

I guess Brit Hume just got the oil-industry memo early.

So where is the oil? American Zombie got on a plane, went out over the oil spill and took pictures He took a lot of pictures of a lot of stuff that appears to be oil and dispersant.

The biggest story is that the oil is likely sinking out of sight - one of the reasons the national purveyors of the "vanishing" oil myth seem to have an ounce of reality left in their heads. The smaller story is the number of commentators on his posts that adhere rigidly to the alternate-universe theory that, where there was once an oil spill, what AZ's pictures show are just normal occurances. They seem to think the oil is actually vanishing, as if by magic.

Just because you can't see all of it on the top of the water doesn't mean it isn't there. I wonder if certain members of the press believe parts of their own bodies disappear when they go swimming?

The Levee has a different theory.



DADvocate said...

I have some of the same questions about the oil. I've read that there are some naturally occurring bacteria in the ocean that eat oil, but I doubt they work that quickly. Some evaporation? Sure, some.

My concern is what are the hidden effects. How much of this will get into the food chain and will certain foods be inedible. Will they tell us if this is so? Or will they bother to do enough tests to find out? I don't trust the government or private industry, as a whole, to investigate this thoroughly. Hopefully, some radical environmentalists will and actually do a service for the rest of us.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...