Thursday, September 23, 2010

Confidence in Coach

Of course new Georgia Athletic Director McGarity expresses continued confidence in Coach Mark Richt. It isn't difficult to continue on a course that has continually delivered positive results.

Let's look at it in the simplest possible terms by football seasons, shall we?

2001 - Rebuilding year.
2002 - Breakout Year. SEC Champions.
2003 - Elite Year. SEC Championship Contender.
2004 - Elite Year.
2005 - Overacheiving Rebuilding Year. SEC Champions.

2006 - Rebuilding Year.
2007 - Breakout Year. Final National #2 Ranking
2008 - Underacheiving Elite Year. 10 Wins & New Year's Day Bowl considered Disappointing.

2009 - Underacheiving Transition Year. Restructures Defensive Coaching.
2010 - Rebuilding Year (TBD).

Emphasis on seasons of 10+ wins.

That is 1 season from 2001 to 2009 that can be considered a "bad" season (not a losing season), and that's 2009. That was last year. That was also a season that would have been an "average" season in terms of wins and losses under the two previous coaches.

The second "worst" season we've had at UGA since Mark Richt became coach, emotionally speaking, was the 2008 season, where the team went 10 - 3, including a bowl game on New Year's Day. So CMR's second "worst" season generated a win total equal to that of the two best seasons of his immediate predecessors.

Maybe I'm just used to the more delusional members of our fanbase, since I've heard griping about CMR since the 2004 season was considered a "disappointment" by some folks for losing the SECCG invitational tiebreaker to Tennessee.

And, yes, I consider a year "Elite" when the team's win total exceeds double-digits, ties for 1st in your conference division, plays on New Year's Day or ends the season in the top 5. And does so with some sort of credibility-building regularity.

I'm glad our new Athletic Director is wise enough to see that.


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