Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Four Storms

They're all over the map. We do this every Labor Day weekend, it seems like.

It sounds like most people are getting out of the way for Earl. This one has been powerful for a long time. While the Outer Banks are used to taking one on the nose, this one's going to be on them for hours as it passes by. It isn't likely to be pretty, but there's a chance he glances away.

Fiona seems to be tracking straight to Bermuda. Hopefully, she stays weak and disorganized.

Gaston has me worried with that wobbly track to the west-northwest. He could really do a number on football season down South, he don't turn north real sudden-like and stay in the open Atlantic.

And there's a fourth coming off the coast of Africa now. Looks like the scientists could be right, and they're going to beat the spread in September and October.


1 comment:

jeffrey said...

Gaston worries me more because of his name than anything else. He may be coming to check on his oil rig.