Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Does Government Expand

Without Accountability?

One way this happens is when government agencies do whatever the hell they want, whenever the hell they want, and the governing organization is worrying about other stuff.

Maybe that's too harsh. But with no actual documentation demonstrating the temporary nature of "temporary" buildings, who can really say?

We'll leave alone the blank check issued by FEMA for this, while other projects like schools and hospitals and infrastructure projects get nickel and dimed for years. I have only so much rage for one day, after all.

And how is this allowable in the first place? I know folks who can't repair leaky roofs without visiting 12 city offices to acquire the appropriate raft of paperwork that allows them to modify their own property. There's got to be some paperwork somewhere with someone's signature authorizing this construction.

In comparison Athens-Clarke County voters will decide the fate of their jail by referendum. Though the 1 cent on the dollar sales tax hike would bring their sales tax to a whopping 7% compared to New Orleans already astronomical 10%, and the sales tax would automatically end after nine years. They even know how much money this is expected to generate, and where the money will go if raised.

And their project is in response to jail overcrowding without inhumane conditions, as they appear to pay nearby locations to house their overflow, while keeping actual records of the transfers.

But let me stop before I get to deep into the merits of a still-flawed but decidedly First World criminal justice facility. And I don't even want to delve into return on investment per tax dollar spent.

My intention was only to compare their level of citizen control to the level of control exhibited here.


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