Saturday, September 18, 2010

In Summary

I was going to write a few things about the Arkansas vs. UGA game today, but Quinton at Georgia Sports Blog pretty much hits all the major points.

The only things I'd add:

1. Mike Bobo should not be allowed to call play action on 3rd and long as if the other team doesn't know the Dawgs are going to pass the ball. The other team is not fooled by the team with a suspect running game. The shotgun formation was invented for a reason.

2. Are the Dawgs afraid to attempt a real screen pass to Carlton Thomas? I'd bet he'd make someone miss in the open field.

3. There are some fairly talented offensive players not named AJ Green. Especially recievers. The Dawgs ain't going to have him next year, so they'd better figure out how to play without him around.

4. The Bench yearns for Washaun Ealey's ass. Until he learns how to protect his quarterback, he should not see a snap. I am sure Munzenmier or Thomas will happily run the ball or pass-block; whichever the play requires.

5. Live by the blitz, die by the blitz: I'd rather the Dawgs have a new defense get burned while actively trying to get to the QB than an experienced defense that gets burned by rushing 4 and dropping everyone else into a loose zone coverage. All of Georgia's starters were recruited to run the latter and are now being taught to run the former. Tackling was better this week, so it ain't like these defensive players aren't learning quickly.



Dante said...

Unranked Georgia was favored by 2.5 by Vegas despite Arkansas being ranked. An unranked team favored over a ranked one WILL cover. It's mathematical fact. With a minute left, Georgia was cruising into at least FG range for the 3 point win when Washaun Ealey's blocking was SO bad it changed the fundamental rules of the universe. It's like that issue of Incredible Hulk where Hulk got so mad he broke some adamantium and across the universe somewhere Galactacus' ship started falling apart because now adamantium is a breakable substance. Black is no longer black. White is no longer white. One of Vegas' biggest indicators failed. Ealey is lucky the universe didn't implode as a result of his (lack of) action.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Look, he may not be dividing by zero, but I saw Ealey miss two key blocks, both leading directly to sacks that killed drives.

Sometimes your coaches have to teach that actions have consequences.