Tuesday, September 21, 2010


T. Kyle King at Dawg Sports takes it. The title of that post really says most of the things that need to be said.

On the other hand, one must keep in mind that the loudest, most outrageous voices will always get the most attention, because narrative always beats truth in today's America. The people howling about Georgia's coach are no exception.

One of the most interesting links between sports and politics is the tendency of overreaction to carry the day, and the tendency of individuals to believe propaganda. (Or, "hype," as it is called in sports.)

Brains can be cultivated to recieve certain information and believe it, while completely disregarding the existence of contrary evidence.

(While results can be murkier in politics, it is difficult to argue with the "contrary evidence" of a final score on a scoreboard. Not that such contrary evidence has ever stopped sports fans on the losing side from arguing how thier team should have won such and such game...)

It doesn't matter than Ben Dukes writes one of the most accessible explanation of football statistics I've ever read, there is a small but very loud section of the Bulldawg fanbase that want nothing more than to see Mark Richt shown the door.

These folks are convinced that the only way to restore Georgia's winning tradition is to get rid of the coach who has won a higher percentage of games for Georgia than any former coach, at this point in his career.


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