Thursday, September 02, 2010

"Kids Doing Stupid Things"

This is a redirect to Scocca's musings on yesterday's hostage situation. There ain't much I can add to that. But I'll try.

You hear that sound? I know it well. Expect the following reality-bending message to be brought to you by talk-radio, right-wing blogs and possibly Fox News in the coming days: < RightWingNuttery >

Remember folks, it is only terrorism when environmentalists, liberals and Muslims do it. History that proves terrorists can come from any ideology, culture or religion can be rationalized, ignored or revised*.

(* - You know, to prove that historical terrorists were secretly environmentalists, liberals or Muslims.)

As "evidence," we offer an unwashed spokes'person' of some pseudo-anarchic-anti-capitalist-radical-environmental-fringe group of 24 college dropouts in the Pacific Northwest who is willing to go on camera or write a Facebook status update justifing the hostage-taker's actions. You may assume that this fringe individual represents all environmentally minded individuals and liberals everywhere.

Narratives always win out over facts. Emotion always trumps reason and intellect.

Thank you for your continued support.

< / RightWingNuttery >

Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.



Maitri said...

Of course, they will conveniently gloss over the fact that nutjob hated teh anchor babies "and their filthy filth," too, which is not too far off from the neocon I Hate You Now Mow My Lawn For Cents view of illegal Mexican immigrants.

(It was nice to see you at RT, babe! Alright, enough of that, back to being professional bloggers. Ahem.)

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

(Good to see you last weekend, too! We couldn't have put on such a great show without ya!)

If he had gone after illegal immigrants and their "anchor babies," instead of the Discovery Channel, I can only wonder what would be said about him.

I theorize the talk would be reminiscent of the rationalizations of the terrorist who flew a plane into the IRS building in Texas and killed a US military veteran:

"We don't condone his actions," RightWingNuttery would say, "but I can relate to his frustration with the way government handles illegal immigration."

But it was against the Discovery Channel for environmental wacko reasons, not against illegal immigrants, so RightWingNuttery is free to paint all environmentalists and liberals with this crazy brush without reply.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

There's a fantastic explanation of the hostage taker's real political bent over at TNR. Hint: he was just batshit crazy.