Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Ditch Effort

Charlie Melancon goes where everyone thought he would in the home stretch: David Vitter's lurid history.

Three things:

1. I can only imagine the butt of talk radio jokes that would be made if Vitter was a member of the Democratic Party. These ads are tame in comparison.

2. Considering Vitter's defense against this sort of attack, I wonder how "Dollar Bill" Jefferson feels about not apologizing to God for his own "serious sins." I mean, if God grants you forgiveness, shouldn't the voters?

3. Credibility, credibility, credibility.

I don't really care what Vitter does in his bedroom, but scandal levels-up when someone campagins as the Family/Traditional American Values candidate. It matters when someone acts in these ways and continues to cast stones.

And if he lied to his own wife, wouldn't he lie to voters? This is the same guy who rubber stamped all the spending excesses and civil liberties rollbacks of the Bush White House. He's one of the guys who got us to where we are today. And now, he's about some fiscal responsibility?

Tell me another one.


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