Thursday, September 09, 2010

A New Calendar

It is often said that there are four seasons in New Orleans and that those seasons are Carnival, Festival, Hurricane, and Football. Isn't it only fitting, then, that this newest holiday on the NOLA calendar sits almost exactly on the emotional cusp of two of those seasons? This line of demarcation between segments of the year also marks the end and beginning of yet another year since the disaster. Falling as near as it does to Rosh Hashana, it's tempting to think of 8/29 as the NOLA New Year. This fifth New Year, not surprisingly, has a certain fin de siecle aspect to it as well. I won't go into the numerous personal reasons I have for saying this. You can cite your own, I'm sure.

Well, I was looking forward to Jeffrey's Rising Tide 5 wrap-up and expecting something completely different. As you can see from that monster of a quote, there is a lot more going on.

There were a lot of Rising Tide 5 wrap-up posts. There were a lot of New Orleans, Five Years Later articles. Many of them are worth reading. But this one is essential.


Thinking about it, Jeffrey's post reminded me of this masterpiece from EDSBS in more ways than one. Which means two of the finest articles I've read on the internet, ever, showed up exactly a week apart.


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