Sunday, September 26, 2010


If this country put as much effort into the streets as we put into our sports, maybe we wouldn't have to read about days like today.

Especially when it comes this close to folks I know.

And, yeah, I know that's like comparing apples to something completely different, but that doesn't change the fact that I've heard far more outrage this year about the job status of UGA's football coach than I've heard outrage about the status of public schools in Georgia or crime in Atlanta. In New Orleans this week, I'm sure we'll hear much more about Garrett Hartley this week than about Jeremy Dalmon.

Now, don't confuse this for a guilt trip. I love sports.

I. Love. Sports.

But let us never forget that our teams control their destinies on the field of play, but WE control our own destinies with our votes and our voices once Sportscenter is turned off at night. All over this nation, there are people far more invested in their local sports franchise than in their own communities and their own government. All over this nation, people feel they have more power over the coaches calling plays than their own elected representatives.

Sports are a tremendous part of our national identity and culture, and rightly so. I hate when people try and scold us into turning away from the positive aspects of sports and friendly competition.

But we can't let our pasttimes become the bread and circuses we are warned about. There is plenty of teamwork still available once the clock zeroes out in the 4th quarter, there is much work still to be done off the field.


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