Monday, September 27, 2010

Same As It Ever Was

So, the GOP's "Pledge to America" will turn the clock back to the heady years of the slightly earlier 2000's, let's keep in mind the kind of folks who are going to get elected in this landslide come November.

Here's what your new represenative from North Carolina has to say about her campaign.

So, the GOP wants to return to the pre-Obama America that landed us in our current situation, while at the same time fanning the flames of culture war and hiding behind the fear-injection of xenophobia? Yes, the last time we went through all that worked out so well, let's wallow in it for a bit longer, shall we? I love being called a family hating, baby-killing, terrorist-sympathizing, government-handout-seeking, illegitimately voting, anti-American socio-communo-fascist peacenik.

(Wait a minute, that never actually stopped happening...)

And y'all wonder why I can't see as credible the words of a political party clamoring to turn back the clock (and calling me a family-hating, baby-killing, terrorist-sympathizing...well, you get the idea)?

We're not going to get out of this mess going backwards and appealing to the lowest common denominator through demagougery and fear. I'm willing to entertain plenty of economic solutions to our current situation unless they are attempts to solve the current crisis by retreading the ideas of the immediately preceeding crisis...

...while wrapping those ideas in the old shroud of lunacy and bigotry that has constantly plauged our nation's progress. I don't care for the whitewashing of history, either. These politics are the same as they ever were, playing off the same fears they always have, for the same purpose of installing power without substance.

Let’s stop reacting with disbelief, as if someone pulled the multiculturalist rug out from beneath our feet, only for us to land on our surprised asses in an America we’d never seen before.

No, this is the usual state of America. This rabid, fearful talk of armed overthrow and xenophobic rage-stoking. Our nation's progress actually arrives as the aberrations to our history, followed by a convenient amnesia that things were ever bad. The longing for the "good ole days" without historical context is imagineering a Disneyfied history at worst and revising the facts at best.

And don't think I'm giving one side a pass at the expense of the other, that line of thinking was consigned to the dustbin when Reid - himself a member of a minority religion viewed with suspicion by segments of the national population - threw under the bus a different minority religion viewed with suspicion by higher percentages of the national population. Way to keep America's political traditions alive in a bi-partisan way!

But don't get caught in the false-equivalency trap here: there is only one political party that has bought all-in to xenophobic demagougery as a campaign and fund-raising with a side of economic amnesia. Here's a hint: it is the political party still claiming a mantle of conservatism that is woefully undeserved. The ones most likely to win elections in November.

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