Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sports & Stuff

The fooball blogs I read are really kicking up their analysis and writing, now that the season is in full swing.

One of my favorite things to read are the Q&A sessions between teams playing on Saturday. This week, T. Kyle King at Dawgsports interviews Arkansas Expats and the Expats return the favor.

Senator Blutarsky continues tracking some Georgia team trends.

The Georgia Sports Blog cools off and wraps up the UGA - South Carolina game. Two points made in the post and the comments section resonate with me: the tendency Georgia has to lack intensity at the start of a game (which has been a problem in multiple years) and the Georgia offesnive line's play when it comes to the passing game (tremendous) and the running game (inconsistent).

Finally, because I'm now watching Notre Dame games on Saturdays as well, the Rakes of Mallow puts the cap on another last second Irish loss to Michigan. Like we've been saying in Bulldawg Nation all week, a team is never as good as its best win or as bad as its worst loss.

Keep in mind, Domers, y'all have a Shiny New Coach who lost an early season competitive game in the last minutes to a player (not a team) who was having an all-world day. For most of that game, your own big talent was blind and sitting on a bench.



jerztronics said...

South Carolina is the BEST team in the East. Problem; they draw Auburn,BAMA,and Arkansas from the west. If we don't beat Florida, UF is going to win through the back door.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Florida drew Alabama and LSU, didn't they? With that, and the fact that they still have to play USC, the race for the East is still wide open.

I doubt Florida is going to make the same mistakes as Georgia did and let Lattimore run wild.