Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Warning!! Warning!!

Yes, its everyone's favorite alcohol delevery engineer, Jersey. After a multi-year hiatus I asked Cousin Pat if I could reenter the writing world using my own unique take on football, as well as my complete lack of experience with the written word. After stuffing his hospitible roomates with some serious Jersey-style cuisine(one of which was a vegetarian, no small feat), and pouring copious amounts of liquor down his gullet, Cousin Pat graciously invited me to pepper my insignificant thoughts in this fine forum. Go figure.

I will do my best to sharpen my typing skills with a main focus on football(Go Dawgs) while diverting week to week on whatever social issue might strike my fancy.

Feel free to tell me how stupid I am, or how bad I suck. I have a very manly 21 pound dog who loves me unconditionally so I'll be fine.

Next blog preview: I whip out the big stick and swing on the first pitch by tossing in my Top 25 best teams in College Football. It's gonna be a long one kiddies.

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Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Hell yeah & welcome back!