Monday, October 11, 2010

Compare and Contrast

Private company causes major ecological disaster. Check the response:

four things now needed to happen: Damages must be paid to those affected by the spill; jobs at the plant must be saved; those responsible must be held accountable; and further risks at the company's sites should be identified.

Strong words. How do they get backed up?

"We need to bring the company responsible for the [spill] under state control, and its assets under state closure, until all of these four tasks are handled,"

Then the authorities went out and detained the company's director "on suspicion of public endangerment and environmental damage". They didn't stop there, either, as they seized the company's accounts "to ensure that funds were available to compensate for the damages caused by the disaster."


He said the spill was "not a natural catastrophe" and so any damages must be paid "first and foremost not by taxpayers but by those who caused the damage."

Oh, the accountability! But wait, levees might be involved?

"In light of what happened, we have good reason to believe that there were people who were aware of the dangerously weakened state of the walls of the reservoirs, but driven by their private interests they believed they were not worth repairing and hoped that the trouble could be avoided," he added.


Now, I don't want the United States to become Hungary, but that kind of response cannot be trifled with. Think about that next time something happens in the USA, and some elected official starts up with a song and dance.


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