Monday, October 11, 2010

Equivalency Exam

Oh, if only columnists would hold themselves and their industry to the same standard they require of football coaches, we may have an actually informative, investigative, accountable media that is worth reading.

I mean, could you imagine a world where AJC columnists, editors and reporters held the Atlanta Public Schools or candidates for Georgia governor to the same standards they hold Coach Mark Richt? Could you imagine a world where Louisiana and national reporters spent as much time discussing the tomfooleries of Senator David Vitter instead of Coach Les Miles?

< / rolling eyes >


DADvocate said...

I told you Tennessee would find a way to lose. Geesh, we may lose to Vandy and Kentucky this year. KY hasn't beat us in over 25 years.

dsb said...

I think its the relative meaninglessness of sports that impels such passion. They're safe that way, yet they tap into a kind of nationalism--the team is me and I am the team. Teams win, teams lose, so there's that clarity as well. If the team loses, then that means I lose, too, so fire the freaking coach!

One could say there's clarity in David Vitter's paying for sex, or how he's a whore for the petrochemical industry, but journalists tend to frame these issues as "will it hurt him in his re-election," (i.e. the horserace--sports again!) rather than tunneling deeper into these and other sometimes murky stories.

Before anyone assumes I'm anti-sports, let me proclaim that I am, indeed, a sports fan. I even have a fantasy football team.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

DADV: I'm still at a loss to understand how Tennessee's Athletic Director is still employed. Does Pat Summitt just not want the job?

DSB: You're right. I love sports, but I also fear that our nation is really beginning to tread down the path of bread and circuses.