Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Most Despicable Political Ad Ever

Set the scene:

A traditional caucasian family in a modest home in Anysuburb, USA. Sweet wife reading to two beautiful kids from the Bible. Then the shot of the back door, and the husband sneaking out, like a thief holding his boots. Close-up of his wedding ring.

He carefully slips out the backyard gate, and then sees a giant, blinking sign that says "Enter Here!" The lights come up, and there are a team of heavily made-up, scantily clad, busty women holding a sign that says:

Your Republican Senator Welcomes You to the Serious Sin Bunny Ranch

The husband, seeing no danger, gleefully motions for some friends to follow him inside. The scene changes, and now there are fat cat oil lobbyists "making it rain" hundred dollar bills on dancing girls in various states of undress. Text appears on screen noting how certain GOP candidates tried to keep oil companies from cleaning up the oil spill.

An Aerosmith look alike band is on stage, playing "Hot For Teacher." Text appears on screen noting how certain GOP candidates want to eliminate the Department of Education.

Cops and prosecutors watch from across the street, arresting what appears to be a news crew.

A well dressed gentleman opens the door to what can only be the Champagne Room, and through the door, there is a man on all fours, in a diaper, being fraternity-pledge paddled like the bad boy he is by a temptress with knee-high leather boots. On her top, she wears only "Hello, My Name Is" stickers.

On it is scrawled the name "Wendy," seductively.

Photomontaged over this is the scene from a Republican office holder's press conference, where he apologises for his "serious sin."

As the commercial fades out, the man in the diaper picks up the paddle and advances on the temptress. Before we can see what happens, our view becomes obscured by the closing door, and all we can see is the man's buddies - cheering and hi-fiving.

It is a disgusting commercial, one that has no place in the rational political discourse of a healthily functioning democracy.

The really bad part is that political types all over the nation are so drawn to this type of campaign ad, that they are planning to run it in several tight races, with only the names and faces of the candidates changed.



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