Thursday, October 14, 2010


There is some sort of rampant political yardsign stealing epidimic taking place in Georgia. They've set up surveillance. Some places are even offering rewards for information. And at least one enterprising individuals is selling "Sign Thief Repellant", a gooey mixture of bird gel and fox urine.

Because nothing says political involvment like the pee of small woodland creatures.

My first thought questions the deep and disturbing necessary psychoses present in the minds of those individuals who are so offended by your political yard sign that they would creep through the middle of the night to steal it out of your yard.

And while I know that having your yard sign stolen pisses you off something righteous, my second thought concerns those individuals so dedicated to their candidate that they would shell out cash money to make their yards smell like fox urine.

I wonder if the first generation of this product used cat pee and was found to be too offensive.

Though I absolutely understand that the likelihood of sign-stealers only sets up made-for-YouTube moments of pie-in-the-face pranksterism. I cannot wait for the inevitable "Sign Steal Fail" to show up all over the internets.

Someone's celebrity is about to be made, people. Keep your eyes on the signs.



DADvocate said...

Sign stealing been going on up here. Seems a pretty stupid waste of time to me, especially if you get caught.

Fox urine is readily available at any store that sells deer hunting supplies, including Walmart. Foxes are not a natural enemy of deer. Hunters put the urine on their boots to cover up the human scent, hence it is known as a "cover-up scent."

I spilled some on my back porch once. It smells really strong (bad) and attracted the neighborhood dogs almost instantly. But it easily washes off.

I suggest rigging the signs to some sort of land mine. You stop the stealing and eliminate the opponents voters.

patsbrother said...

Personally I doubt someone goes to that length to support a candidate. I am sure they go to that particular length to spite the theif. Which is a joy all to itself.