Monday, October 04, 2010

We Don't Need No Water

Since I have been one of those realists who has "scored points" pointing out the inherent socialism of our nations' fire departments, I will submit the following for your consideration:

Man's house burns down because he didn't opt in to voluntary Fire Department participation. He even tried to pay the fire department to put out the fire once they got on the scene.

And Atlas Shrugged.

HT: Adrastos at First-Draft


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DADvocate said...

When I was in high school, we lived in an area with no publicly funded fire department. My mother still does. We paid a for-profit fire department for protection.

On night my neighbors house caught on fire. As you might expect, the call for the fire department was made for our house and the fire department came. When they discovered the house actually burning was not covered, they still put the fire out, for the price of about 10 years worth of dues. ($300 at the time I believe @ 1965).

It was still a deal for the homeowner. The exciting part was all of us carrying the furniture out of the house to save it. We emptied that house in no time. The fire was pretty much contained to a wall and the ceiling and we ended up carrying all the furniture back in at a much slower pace.

Funny that a volunteer FD wouldn't put a fire out. I bet you the Rural-Metro for profit ones still would, for a price of course but probably a fairly reasonable price.