Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Small Government, Constitutionalist Authoritarians

Y'all remember when the most egregious political thuggery had to do with Georgians stealing political signs and covering themselves in fox urine? How we are wont to pine for those days.

I saw this news story pop several days ago, but like a lot of flashes in the pan of divisive elections, I always want to give something "controversial" a few days to settle down. Most of the time, the story isn't as bad as it first seems, or the video ends up being from the Andrew Breitbart film studios or whatever.

But the story of Joe Miller's bodyguards just keeps getting worse.

For those of you not following this one, here's the long and short of it:

If it's not completely intolerable to have active-duty soldiers handcuffing American journalists on U.S. soil while acting as private "guards" for Senate candidates, what would be?

Miller is Palin's candidate, the Tea Party choice. Their selling point is small government and Constitutionalism. On one side of the country, Christine O'Donnell is demonstrating that these folks may not actually know the principles of the United States Constitution; over in Alaksa, Miller is demonstrating that lack of knowledge in practice. That's two candidates of the same political group, on a Senatorial slate, with similar rhetoric, in very different states on different sides of the country. They are the inheritors of the Party that brought us the PATRIOT ACT and the last decade of hyperventilation and hyperbole.

And part of their political narrative is that President Obama and the Democrats are the illegitimately elected, secretly socialist activists who will lead us down the path to police state and government control.

Because if Miller was a Democrat, and this had happened, you'd be hearing plenty about OMG KENYAN ANTI-COLONIAL DICTATORSHIPS!!

There is another video donwpage that shows just how hairy things are getting out there in the political theatre. I wonder how much the hyperbole is affecting the way these people act?

But make no mistake, thugs exist on all sides, and should not be tolerated.


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DADvocate said...

According to Anchorage Daily News the journalist shoved someone (assualt). But, in any case, this incident is questionalbe. I question the right of body guards to arrest and detain for such a minor infraction. That off-duty soldiers were acting as body guards makes it even worse. The inference that it's a global reflection on all small government/Constitutionalist candidates is more questionable.

You're right, such incidentts exist on all sides except in Glenn Greenwald's mind.