Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Failed Expectations

You remember that, back during the Health Care "debate" the House GOP invited President Obama round to their retreat up in Baltimore? I guess they expected something different to happen, because they're now saying the President ambushed them.

"“The Baltimore thing was unbelievable.” It was so bad, that they had to call a do-over in the Blair House, and have now moved their first post-election summit from November until after Thanksgiving.

I guess they have to stay behind closed doors to get their story straight. It sucks to look like a dumbass in front of cameras to a national audience.

And if they need the time to organize their caucus correctly, and said so, that'd be one thing. But it hasn't escaped notice that they're saying something completely different.

Last time, the President ambushed them by being invited to their meeting, showing up and making them look un-prepared. In other words the President had a plan, he tried, and was ready to answer questions. Because that's what you do when you show up to meetings with other folks.

Except for the GOTP. I guess they just expected the OMG TEH EBIL SOCIALIZMS! they'd been telling each other about for years, and thought the President wouldn't really be able to speak without a teleprompter.

I guess the GOTP theme for the next two years really is "ITSATRAP!"



Dante said...

Well, what are they going to say? Obama schooled us? That was the last time we saw Campaign Obama and I imagine the Republicans are trying at all costs to keep that behemoth under whatever rock he's hiding under. Democrats are desperately hoping that after a bender at his local bar where he scares off the patrons and a small child President Obama wanders off to a junk yard where he comes face to face with Campaign Obama and after a longwinded yet boring fight scene Campaign Obama strangles President Obama until President Obama disappears. That's when Campaign Obama rips open his shirt to show the big O symbol on his chest and he flies off to save Richard Pryor... or America. Whatever. If it does happen, the Republicans and Robert Vaughn (because Gene Hackman wasn't available) and his machine-gone-haywire out in the Grand Canyon would be no match.

Either way, you can't get ambushed at your own house with your own invitation. But I think their primary motivation is the fear of Obama becoming Obama again.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

Well, what are they going to say?

"It is too early for the GOTP leadership to meet with the President as we are currently working on finalizing committee assignments and determining legislative priorities. We hope we can set up a meeting after Thanksgiving. Next question."

Looks cool, calm, collected and in charge.