Monday, November 29, 2010

The Impossible Task (continued)

Today's must read is literally a probing piece of work by Christopher Hitchens at Slate.

If our country keeps going the way we're going, we'll voluntarily give up all our liberty with no security to show for it, thus completing Franklin's quote quite neatly.

We're sitting ducks for those who know how to expose our weaknesses, and we demand to be made so. We're going to continue to breathlessly exhort the government do the impossible, and in our next breath we'll complain that when they do what we demand of them, it pisses us off. Our media and political castes will continue to focus on who is to blame for the last meltdown, and why we should demand more sacrifices of liberty for less temporary security.



DADvocate said...

The other quote that comes to mind is "A coward dies a thousand deaths..."

Not that I'm all that brave, mind you.

I've hard terrorists are working on sewing explosives that can't be detected by scanners, etc. into women's boobs. For me a great part of the absurdity that we can't even point out that nearly 100% of the terrorists are Muslim or Muslim connected for PC reasons. Plus, our southern border is a porous as a sieve. Try applying airport level security to the border and listen to the cries of racism.

We fail to meet the challenge realistically because reality is of secondary importance.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

I'd rather have law enforcement focusing on known participants in terrorist networks than worrying about which travelers appear the "most Muslim." Religion does not = ethnicity, terrorism doesn't either.

The "political correctness" argument is one I find that simply excuses law enforcement for not doing their jobs.

Our nation, like all Western nations with robust freedom of movement, are vulnerable in so many ways. And that's before we even get to "airplanes" and "the border with Mexico."

Without living in a police state, there will always be such vulnerabilities. Which is why the only true measure of security we will have is citizens who are vigilant and rational coupled with law enforcement that focuses on existing, specific and emerging threats (as opposed to the last nearly-successful attack).

There is no such thing as perfect safety, and we would be wise to accept that.